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 Membership runs through December 31st, so all membership dues, regaurdless of when you joined, are due on January 1st.  You MUST be a current member for your points to count for year end awards. This mus be done prior to or at the show for points to count for that show. All horses that you are showing must also be enrolled. There is no fee for enrolling your horse.  Membership fees are as follows:

 Family - $35.00

 Individual - $25.00

 Youth - $15.00

 If you are interested in becoming a member, have questions or need forms to enroll, please email us at [email protected] and we will get all the information you need! Please be sure to read the rules and our point system below!

Membership forms should be mailed to

Sylvia Johnson, 1502 Cornwallis Rd. Rose Hill, NC 28457 or email to [email protected]

Thank you for your interest in the Tarheel Appaloosa Association.

 Click here to download the 2013 Membership Form 

 Click here to download the 2013 Horse Points Enrollment Form 


I.          Eligibility to show

            A. All persons competing in ApHC approved shows must hold a current ApHC Membership Card. The membership card s required to be shown at all shows

            B. All horses competing in ApHC approved shows must be registered with the ApHC. The registration papers must be presented to the Show Secretary in order to enter a class

 II.         Eligibility for Non-Pro Classes

A.     All persons competing in ApHC approved Non-Pro classes must show their current ApHC Membership Card that indicates their Non-Pro status at all shows.

B.     Non-Pros must be 19 years of age or older

C.     Horses used by Non-Pro participants must be owned and registered wholly or in part by the participant or a member of their family.

 III.       Eligibility for Youth Classes

A.     Youth must be 18 years of age or younger as of January 1st

B.     Youth competing in ApHC youth classes must hold a current AYA membership card. The number is required on entry forms.

C.     In order to receive National Youth Points, the youth or their family must own the horse. EXCEPTION: Leadline Classes only. The owner of the horse used in Leadline must be a current ApHC member.

D.     No stallions will be permitted in any youth class

 IV.       Eligibility for TAA points for Year-End Awards

A.     All exhibitors and owners of horses must be current TAA members either as an individual or under a family membership.

   1.      Membership dues become due on January 1st

   2.      Points begin accumulating on the day membership dues are paid. (Be sure to pay dues prior to but no later than the first show day of exhibiting).

B.     Horses, Youth and Non-Pro showing must be nominated to the TAA Pointkeeper prior to, but no later that the first show day that they are exhibiting.

   1.      The horse being shown by a Youth or Non-Pro must be owned wholly or in part by the exhibitor or their family.

   2.      Use the TAA Point System Form provided to enroll. HINT: Send in a form for each of your horses, even if you are unsure of which horses you will be showing.

C.     To be eligible for year end awards you must show (open or breed show - when applicable) or volunteer at our TAA show for your points to count.

D.     Our TAA show will be DOUBLE POINTED for year end awards.

E.      Year End Awards will be given for each Breed Show class in the approved TAA Class List of each year.



V.        Tarheel Appaloosa Association Point System


            Number of horses         Points earned for placings:

            in the class                    1st        2nd        3rd        4th        5th        6th       


            1                                1

            2                                2          1

            3                                3          2          1

            4                                4          3          2          1

            5                                5          4          3          2          1         

            6                                6          5          4          3          2          1

            7-10                            7          6          5          4          3          2

           11-14                           8          7          6          5          4          3

           15-18                           9          8          7          6          5          4

           19+                             10        9          8          7          6          5         


Please refer to the official handbook of the Appaloosa Horse Club for further rules and regulations regarding classes, etc…

 Revised December 4th, 2010

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